Colorado’s Moms and Dads were forced to put our children on the front lines of the pandemic to protect adults. This was morally indecent and burdened our children with long-term academic setbacks and mental health trauma.

Enough. Is. Enough.Now is the time for Colorado's Moms and Dads to prioritize our children. We must fix the damage self-interested, corrupt politicians, who are owned by special interests, inflicted on our children.

Colorado's Leaders Failed our Children. Here's why:

The Colorado Education Association says     about the traumatic impact of online learning.

Colorado’s Moms and Dads know the truth:

On May 25th, 2021, Children's Hospital Colorado declared a state of emergency because

of a jump in suicide attempts and emergency room visits for mental health crises increased by 90% in April.

At Children's Hospital Colorado, mental health-related visits have doubled and visits to the psychiatric emergency department have

increased by 10% due to thoughts of suicide.

Children admitted via the pediatric emergency department showed

a significant increase in suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts in March 2020, compared to March 2019.

In Denver Public Schools, a quarter of kindergarten through 3rd grade students are reading below grade level,

up 22% since the beginning of the school year.

In Jeffco Public Schools, 3rd though 7th grade students demonstrated lower median growth in reading compared to the previous year.

Performance gaps were more pronounced among English language learners in most grades.

No wonder why the Colorado Education Association opposed standardized testing this year.

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Rise for children:

Serve on the front lines

and run for your local school board

Donate to Colorado's MAD

to elect moms and dads who prioritize kids and academic success

“We do not err because truth is difficult to see. It is visible at a glance. We err because this is more comfortable.”
Alexander Solzhenitsyn