Press release: Denver School Board Should Keep Tay Anderson 1000-Feet Away from Schools and Children

ERIE, CO, June 7th, 2021- Colorado’s Moms and Dads are disturbed by the dozens of allegations that Denver School Board member Tay Anderson has sexually assaulted and abused children. The allegations, stemming from testimony before the state’s House Judiciary Committee by a mother of three students within the Denver Public School district, May Brooks Fleming, claim that some of the victims are children “violently raped” by Tay Anderson and then forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.

“If true, Tay Anderson’s alleged abuse of institutional power to identify at-risk children for sexual assault and coerce their subsequent silence could become the most chilling example of evil and hypocrisy in American public life in recent memory,” says Dan Maloit, founder of Colorado’s Moms and Dads. “The obvious answer is for moms and dads to push out the corrupt influence of power-hungry candidates backed by the Denver Classroom Teachers’ Association and the Colorado Education Association now,” Dan Maloit says.

Protecting children requires acting prudently. Therefore, Tay Anderson should be kept 1000-feet away from children and schools pending completion of the investigation into these charges. An impartial legal system must rigorously investigate the allegations against Tay Anderson.

Colorado’s Moms and Dads

Colorado’s Moms and Dads is the parent-led movement, spurred by the failures of school boards to stand up for children during the COVID-19 Crisis, prioritizing our children and academic success over the wants of partisan special interests dominating our school boards.

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