Press Release: New Political Committee to Advance Child-Focused School Board Candidates

ERIE, CO, May 26, 2021– Today, Colorado’s Moms and Dads organized to challenge the entrenched partisan interests on Colorado’s school boards. The unchecked power of the Colorado Education Association on school boards in Colorado must be disrupted. Colorado’s Moms and Dads have seen officials at every level of state government abdicate their responsibility and force children into performative actions, so adults feel safe. Dan Maloit, the founder of Colorado’s Moms and Dads, says that “the Colorado Education Association advocated for mandated remote learning, against scientific evidence, to increase their bargaining power before new contract negotiations and to continue their fight against standardized testing. Intentionally harming children to apply pressure on parents violates all norms of civilized society.”

Colorado’s Moms and Dads know that the pandemic has brought to light the incompetence of most elected officials. Colorado’s Moms and Dads will endorse and support candidates who will place children and academics above all else.

Colorado’s Moms and Dads believe that public schools are essential to a free society and cannot be left in the hands of partisan special interests. COVID and remote learning/lockdowns revealed how corrupted public schools and our leaders have become. Public school is a right for all American children and therefore should be non-dogmatic and not influenced by partisan bickering or special interests. School should be about literacy, the scientific method, math, and history.”

Colorado’s Moms and Dads

Colorado’s Moms and Dads in the parent-led movement, spurred by the failures of school boards to stand up for children during the COVID-19 Crisis, prioritizing our children and academic success over the wants of partisan special interests dominating our school boards.

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