MAD Endorsements

Colorado’s MAD proudly endorses the following school board candidates. Please visit their websites, support their candidacy, and donate what you are able.

Christy Cummings

for Aurora School Board

Christy Cummings is a great candidate for the Aurora Public Schools Board of Directors. Christy has worked tirelessly to reopen our schools throughout the worst of the performative school closures during the disrupted 2020-2021 school year. Christy will prioritize academic success and mental health support to recover from the devastation a year of closed schools has inflicted on our children. Christy will serve the Aurora Public Schools Board of Directors well and ensure the focus is on children instead of special interests.

Dee Dee Vicino

for Thompson School Board

Deborah Vicino is an experienced educator and administrator that will bring an exceptional wealth of knowledge and experience to the Thompson School District Board of Directors. Dee Dee has the background to ensure she can advocate for an inclusive learning environment that will positively impact all students in the district. Dee Dee will serve the community well and the Thompson School District will benefit from her experiences.

Eric Dobbs

for Poudre School Board 

Eric Dobbs will bring a balanced view and stable hand to the Poudre School District Board. Eric provides calm leadership that can help PSD as we all work to overcome learning loss caused by the performative school closures of the 2020-2021 school year. Eric understands that quality education is a right for all children and will work to ensure PSD offers a high standard of academic success. Eric will be an important voice for children and parents on the Poudre School District Board of Directors.

Nancy Rumfelt

for Thompson School Board

Nancy Rumfelt will bring an academic-focused voice to the Thompson School District Board that advocates for a return to proven educational tenets. Nancy will ensure funding is prioritized for academic success and trust parents to teach values at home. Nancy believes that critical thinking is an important aspect of public service and education. I believe Nancy will be a great member of the Thompson School District Board of Directors.

Tyler Gearhart

for SVVSD Board

Tyler Gearhart is a child and parent-focused candidate who will serve the St Vrain Valley School District as we rise from the disruptions of the 2020-2021 school year. Tyler has a strong financial background that will benefit the SVVSD Board of Directors to maintain fiscal stability. Tyler will ensure teachers receive academic-focused professional development and work to keep our children’s academic success the top priority. Tyler will prioritize complete funding of every classroom and child to save teachers and parents from reaching into their own pockets to pay for public education. Tyler will ensure that SVVSD stays at the forefront of public education.